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indie artists & bedroom producers: find a business partner.

We happen to believe very strongly in the power of building strong partnerships within indie music. Listen, if you believe a truly indie artist can win a Grammy or donate 1M to a cause, then this site isn’t for you. I’m not opposed to having a benefactor or a VC fund backing you, but I think calling yourself independent isn’t truly fair to all of the unsigned people who don’t have the backing. I digress. If you’re struggling to make moves due to budget restrictions, we get you. Would it be in your best interest then to partner with someone who could help? So if you want to make a video, can you form a partnership with a videographer in your city? Make a deal that’s fair to you both and grow together. In the case of just mediaworks, they partnered with Gaslight to record a project and release it this April. The power of partnerships cannot be understated. It is beneficial to both parties to focus on the increased value of working together than fretting over having the money for individual projects. Find a person or a group of people with skills you need and figure out how to work together and grow both of your businesses at the same time. The Indie Music Playbook: Promote Your Music Like The Pros Do“>Then promote it like crazy!!

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