Make an investment in yourself!

We meet a lot of different types of people in the music business. Some are working hard at full-time jobs while pursuing the music on a part-time basis while others live with four other dudes and feast on PBR every payday. As I keep emphasizing, no matter how you’re living in this music business, you’re an entrepreneur. And as a business person (and in some cases business owner) it’s very important that you strategize. Make a plan and really do something every day to make it a reality. What’s a win in the music business look like for you? And one point I am emphasizing to all of the entrepreneurs I’m working with now is stop wasting time if it’s costing you money. I know someone who makes a great salary as a full-time developer but complains of a part-time job he took to help a friend. So the friend has moved on but he still shows up and barely makes enough money at the job to cover his gas. Why? Why do that? That’s time that could be devoted to the business he says he’s planning to start. Waste. You have no time to waste. Invest in yourself at all times. And always make sure your actions match your words. Keep hustling!!


Grant Cardone

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