What have you decided to DO?

The operative word is DO.

Make this week about action.

Definitive, measurable action.

Do you have a strategy for 2017? Do you have a business plan or even a mission statement? What’s a win in your music career look like?

What if someone contacted you and said they love your music and want to sign you – what would you DO? Do you want to get signed to a label? Do you want to be indie or do you want to find an investor?

What are your goals? Have you set up an LLC? Have you talked to a manager?

Have you invested in new equipment? Did you spend money at zZounds?? Did you keep the receipts ’cause you know, it’s tax time? That’s a write-off.

(These guys are good, too)

If only your success was just built around dope beats or great songs. It’s not. If you aren’t capable of answering the above questions, you need to start there. You don’t have to know everything in the world but you need to have an idea of what your goals are. And this doesn’t mean overthink it but you can’t underthink it, either. You wouldn’t drive to California from New York without a map – this is the same thing. Strategy matters.

Go! Be great!!

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