Indie music: SEO

I think it’s time to be clear about your social media strategy. I have implored you guys to make sure you are doing some basic things – and one of those things is keeping your social media up to par. I’m working with several artists who either don’t post or post personal thoughts that shouldn’t be posted or can’t quite figure out the right tone. That’s an issue because it’s your content (in addition to great music) that draws in the eyeballs. It just takes time and patience. You can do it! So, you get your posting on a regular schedule, everything looks great and you’re still frustrated because it doesn’t seem like anybody’s reading your tweets. Well, if you need help, check out Devumi. Like for real. This is a new year and if you really want the music career you say you want, then INVEST in yourself! Step your SEO game up! Why make music that no one will hear? This is your year!!

Check out Devumi!


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