Stop being “like a boss” and be the damn boss.

Music is everything to me and my squad. All we do is work, grind, hustle and try to make a few dollars in this game. It’s challenging because while there’s more music being consumed than ever, people aren’t buying it outright like they used to. Yes, there are still sales – one of the homies is selling pretty well in Cwoke t.pnganada and Japan – but the reality is harsh: that’s not enough to get you over. Multiple income streams are smart for everybody but especially if you’re in the music business. Sales from music are just one part of the picture. Do you have your merch line set up? And have you monetized your YouTube videos? Do you have YouTube videos? Have you registered your songs with a publisher? Do you have a manager? Have you signed a contract? Did you run contract by a lawyer? Yeah, I know, these are a lot of questions – but this is the shit I have to ask my young proteges every day. And now’s a good time because we’re at the end of the year or the beginning of a new one – it’s all how you look at it. Get your business right.


  1. Make dope music.
  2. Are your videos monetized on YouTube?
  3. Do you have merchandise?
  4. Do you understand how you are getting paid? What are your revenue streams?
  5. Is your social media on brand? Make sure you post regularly and stay true to your brand. Keep it all business!
  6. Are you growing your social media audience?
  7. Keep grinding!

Need to step up your SoundCloud plays?

This is just covering some of the basic stuff. We will get into more details as you guys get further into your 2017 action plan.


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