Your year ahead as an independent music maker


Since coffee is kind of the theme for today…get some and make sure you have put down your music strategy for 2017. I know of 7 projects set for release in January and February. All different genres with completely different marketing strategies. The dude in charge has a clear a vision but I have advised that each artist also have a plan. What happens if each project is successful? What’s a win for you look like? Write that shit down. If the goal is to sell so many units, write that down. If the goal is to do a tour, write that down. You get the point. And after you write down all of your goals then create an action plan. The point is to have something you can implement in 2017. Also, I deal with a lot of scatter-brained musicians and they never seem to think about the business aspect of the music business. Have some financial goals. It’s okay to make money at this shit. More on that later but don’t feel bad because you’re ambitious. Push yourself. There’s nothing wrong with following your dreams AND making money. If nothing else, WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN, make a plan and then kick some ass.

What are your music goals for 2017?

What are you going to do to realize them?



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