Boosting social media – independent music


Me and my buddies go round and round about seeking help artificial or not, with social media. I’m all for it. I have some cohorts who say it’s fake and can be damaging – but nobody says that to the big labels who spend a couple hundred grand getting their artists to the top of Spotify playlists. You know it happens but you like to think it’s curated by popularity and people at Spotify who say it’s all “organic”. How can it be? Pfft. But the reality is getting a boost in spins helps  your artist get attention and if you don’t have 250K, why not give it a shot and see if it helps. We recommend Devumi – they’re professional, fast and they don’t scam you. Fiverr is kind of cool but it’s hit or miss – people promise you something for $6 (after fees) and they may or may not deliver. Especially, if you are purchasing artificial spins. Are you going to complain you didn’t get your fake listeners?? Anyway, I think it’s advantageous to shore up your online presence and give it a boost. Let me stress again – YOU HAVE TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! And you don’t get multiple chances to make a first impression. Build your brand strategically and consider kickstarting your social – try it and see if it works for you and your artists!! witz.



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