Best advice I ever got…


You make music because you love it. You see a life making music for a living because  it means everything to you and you just can’t imagine yourself doing anything else. But most of us have to live so we have a side gig to pay bills but our true love is our craft. Dude, that’s my life. Before I decided to start my own company, I worked so many jobs just to get by. The problem was the more I worked the less time I had for the guitar and amp sitting by my bed. That’s my story, it doesn’t have to be yours. Yeah, I got back to it and kind of stumbled into success but I had to remember one thing I heard somewhere: don’t ever expect anybody to work harder for your dream than you do. Early on, I thought, I’m talented and people will see that and work will pour in. That didn’t happen. I had the meetings, I got the praise, came close to a deal but it didn’t feel quite right. All the while, I’m still working full-time doing stuff I mostly hated. But you do what you have to do to survive. Especially if you’re just getting started. The best advice I ever got is what I will give to you: don’t expect anybody to sacrifice time and money for your dream. You gotta be all in. You have to be focused and intense, professional at all times. I get tired of telling my artists to be on time. Yeah, stars are late – you’re not a star. And don’t do it then either. Show some fucking respect for yourself. Respect that other people aren’t just hanging around burning cash waiting for you to stroll into the studio or a concert venue. Fuck, that’s annoying. And make great music. Like really great music. How else will you stand out in today’s very crowded music scene? You have to be the best thing nobody’s heard before (but it has to also be familiar and prolly already successful. Huh? Yeah.) Success can happen for you – why not? But don’t expect to be sleepin’ in and buying out the bar and that kinda nonsense because that shit is expensive and says you don’t value money. And whether you are on a small indie label or run your own, dude, there’s never enough cash to justify that bullshit. It’s plain and simple: you have to do the work. I’ll be honest, after you take charge of your career and deal with it from a business perspective and not some brat with an advance, you will hold on to every damn nickel. Truth.  Now go get after it.



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