Videos and the no label budget!

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for graphics and video on a budget. There’s no way around making videos. Even if you just slap some pics up over a track, you gotta have some kind of video out there. We prefer the look of Vimeo but we know the reach of YouTube thanks to Google. You do what works best for you but know that this must happen.

Before you talk yourself out of it thinking you need a big crew or a new camera, know that there are options. Checking out sites like Videohive or Depositphotos will definitely help with footage especially if you don’t have a ton of cash. Purchase the proper license and either hire an editor or do it yourself! You won’t be making broadcast worthy stuff to start but you don’t need to. People are filming videos on their iPhones now – just make it clever. A good story will overcome the filmmaking – besides, people don’t care all that much if they love your music. Make them love your music.

This is a video made with stock footage on a loop. Is it award worthy? Nah, but it gets the song out there.

This one I just stumbled on and the artists had no idea Tunecore had done this. That’s how much it matters to just have something out there. No this hasn’t generated  a ton of views but when this song takes off, guess what – every monetized version of this video will make a fair amount of cash. Baby steps!

Remember, you’re not trying to get super-rich at this point. You’re just getting started. And when you’re just getting started you’re probably not generating enough income for a budget to make fancy videos or go on a 30-city tour. Make a plan, start small and be consistent. You will see success!


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