The secret ingredient of indie music success

People will give you all kinds of great advice about the music business. They will sell you everything from websites¬†to beats, to publicity to how to get your songs on Spotify. You can even buy followers on Twitter if your artist’s rep needs a boost. Don’t sleep – people are doing it because the pressure to market effectively is pretty intense. Remember, you have to make these decisions for yourself like any other business person would and it’s your job to build your brand. Just be smart about how you do it. Ok, back to the main ingredient. ¬†As an independent artist starting out without a label’s deep pockets (which is a GOOD THING) and probably recording from your new home studio (congrats) you have to be careful when it comes to spending your precious dollars. But none of that matters if you don’t pay attention to the first rule of indie music success. In fact, this blog won’t help you at all if you don’t have the one thing you need to have a decent career: good music. Yeah, sounds obvious but you’d be surprised. We listen to music all day. I personally listen to new artists that are submitted to me and new music from artists that I am producing – and not all of it is awesome. Some of it is good and a little of it is great. But that’s where the magic happens – if you can not fall in love with your own sounds long enough to keep working until they’re great, you are on your way. We call it making your music delicious. What happens when something is delicious? The very first thing that someone does when they have something delicious is ASK FOR MORE. And that’s what every artist wants. A buncha people begging for more of what you just gave them. And that’s the secret: not just good music – ask yourself if what you’re doing is delicious? Will people get musical diabetes fucking with your music? Yeah? Then it’s official – your shit is sick. If not, get your ass back in the kitchen!!



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